Sven Väth (stage host)

The mastermind behind the Cocoon imprint and a legend in his own lifetime with a commitment and passion that has influenced the advance and evolution of electronic music. Each Sven Väth performance is unique and an experience in its own, one which you must see for yourself at Cocoon.

Extrawelt (live)

Extrawelt are a German duo consisting of Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe who have been engaged in electronic music since the beginning of the 90s. Since then, they’ve been honing their own style and experimenting through a wide range on genres resulting in a one of a kind and versatile approach in the DJ booth. Venture to Cocoon and open your mind during Extrawelt’s unparalleled performance.


Influenced by classical music, jazz, and science fiction, Ferro’s sets weave together intricate rhythms, plenty of mood, and never fail to work a dancefloor. At Cocoon, it is Ferro’s lasting goal to make all of his music using genuine hardware and fully analogue tools.

Ilario Alicante

For Ilario Alicante, his success comes down to one thing: he started as a clubber, still considers himself a clubber, and he will always maintain that vital link with the dancefloor. Born in 1988 in Livorno, Italy, Ilario’s journey began with his regional DJ community and has since then reached across Europe, North and South America. Witness Cocoon Heroes’ rough diamond – Ilario Alicante – when he shines at the Cocoon stage.

Markus Fix

Kraftwerk, Yello, and Off were the artists who opened his ears to electronic music and subsequently acted as inspiration for his own creativity. Markus is lauded as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from techno, with a stream of acclaimed releases which have caught the attention of some of the genre’s biggest players. His captivating rhythms and driving melodies with make you soar at Cocoon.

Olivier Weiter

Olivier Weiter has earned a reputation as one of techno’s key players. His WEITER concept consisting of both events and a label has paved the path for him in the immense Dutch nightlife. Known for his infectious crowd energy and bewildering stage presence, his army of fans has now reached fever peak and his spellbinding set is surely one you can’t afford to miss at Cocoon.