B-Front & Phuture Noize

Hardstyle pioneer B-Front is notorious for drawing in listeners with his supernatural atmospheres and mysterious storylines. Phuture Noize brings his raw emotion, invigorating energy, unique musical storylines, and timelessly impeccable, high quality productions to the vast world of hardstyle. Together on the opposite side of mighty pyramid, these hardstyle masters will unleash their infinitive energy and mesmerizing effect to the Q-dance masses.

Code Black

After Corey Soljan aka Code Black acknowledged that his future as a hardstyle DJ wouldn’t be in his hometown of Sydney, he made the big move to the Netherlands. Tracks like ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’ and ‘Brighter Day’ have confirmed Code Black’s outstanding skills as one of hardstyle’s top producers. His stage presence and fresh musical ideas are contributing to his status, being well respected amongst colleagues and support by a rapid growing worldwide fan base. Q-dance wouldn’t be the same without him.


He’s left his imprint on the world of the harder styles, moulding a distinct signature sound which can be heard in both his productions and performances. Coone lives and breathes hardstyle. His passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language. Beneath the mighty mountain at Q-dance, Coone’s binding force will unite us all.


The 20-year-old Cyber from Switzerland is known for his blend of catchy melodies, energetic basslines, and euphoric vibes which have catapulted his career in a short period of time. This young talent started producing hardstyle when he was only 15-years-old and joined the Belgian record label Dirty Workz 3 years later. If you’re looking for the next big thing in hardstyle, then look no further once Cyber steps on stage at Q-dance.

The Darkraver

The Darkraver can be seen as one of the most mystical, most legendary, and most entertaining artists in the scene as we know it today. An artist who doesn’t take himself too seriously, having one mission and one mission only: turning every single gig into an experience never to be forgotten by the attending audience, and that’s just what he’ll do when he steps on stage at Q-dance.

DJ Isaac

Isaac is at the forefront of harder dance music. With anthems like ‘On The Edge’ and ‘Go Insane’, the latter is renowned as the international breakthrough of this sound igniting artists worldwide to follow and build a harder dance scene. Witness the legend Isaac himself when he dominates the land of the harder styles at Q-dance.


Noisecontrollers is a household name that has thrived in the world of hardstyle for over a decade. The contagious and addictive signature sound of Noisecontrollers is based on the foundations of high quality production with an ambition to master the depths of hardstyle with an undying ability to emotionally captivate all listeners. Pioneering the art of innovation and boasting over one decade of utmost devotion to the genre, prepare for the Noisecontrollers to attack one more time at Q-dance!

Psyko Punkz

When it comes to hardsyle, Wietse Amersfoort aka Psyko Punkz needs no introduction, as he is one of the world-renowned elite purveyors of the genre. Thanks to his unique and hard-hitting twist on the harder spectrum, Wietse shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. When Psyko Punkz steps on stage, his melodic yet pounding rhythms will make the realm of Q-dance crumble to its very core.


Ran-D is easily identified by his signature style; a sound that balances robust toughness and dancefloor vibes with emotional, time-transcendent storylines. Attention to details, translating intense emotions into sound and striving for the highest standard have been lifelong values that hardstyle pioneer Ran-D possesses. Renowned as one of hardstyle’s most steadfast and focused influencers, Ran-D will shake the realm of Q-dance to its very foundations.


With a desire to succeed, Zatox has launched a series of hits in rapid succession since the beginning of 2009. Inventor of the very popular raw genre, he showed how to combine innovation with quality products carrying the impact on the crowd at a high level. This legendary figurehead is ready to blow the Q-dance audience away with his relentless soundscapes.