Arrival & Departure

We advise you to arrive on Friday, August 23rd between 16h and 20h in order to reduce waiting times during check-in. The Camper entrance is open from 11h until 20h. Arrival after 20h is not permitted.

For a smooth and safe arrival, please follow the instructions of the stewards. Upon arrival all campers and passengers will be checked, after the check, the camper can be placed at the designated location.

Entry times campers
Friday, August 23rd from 11h till 20h*
*Please note that campers can only arrive on Friday!

Exit times campers
Monday, August 26th from 9h till 12h*
*Please note that campers can only leave on Monday, and not on any other day

Navigation address:
Adrianahoeve, The Netherlands
(please follow the camper signs)