• What if I want to leave earlier?

    For safety reasons, it’s not possible to leave in your Camper before Monday morning. If you have to leave for any reason you can pick up your vehicle on Monday morning. Any vehicles left behind after 12h on Monday will be removed and the owners will be charged €500,- in clearance costs.

  • Are ins and outs allowed?

    No, Campers need to stay on the Camper Paradise section from Friday – Monday. For visitors, regular camping regulations apply.

  • Can I leave my camper behind?

    For campers that are left behind, we charge €500,- per camper for removal costs.

  • What happens if my camper is refused at entry?

    Due to logistical and safety reasons, the organization is authorized to refuse campers/visitors that are violating the regulations and/or arrive outside the designated times, without reimbursement of the voucher costs.

  • Is it possible to leave on Saturday or Sunday?

    Campers can only leave the campsite after Monday morning 09h. The camper passengers can, of course, leave at any time, according to the general opening times of the camping. Please note that ins & outs are not allowed during the weekend.

  • Is it possible to arrive on Saturday or Sunday?

    The camper entrance will be closed on Friday after the end of check-in time. The camper passengers can arrive at any time, according to the general opening times of the camping.

  • What is the best time to arrive on Friday, August 23rd?

    We advise you to arrive between 16h and 20h in order to reduce waiting times during check-in. The Camper entrance is open on Friday, August 23rd from 11h until 20h. Arrival after 20h is not permitted.

  • What are the arrival and departure times?

    Entry times campers
    Friday, August 23 from 11h till 20h*
    *Please note that campers can only arrive on Friday!

    Exit times campers
    Monday, August 26th from 9h till 12h*
    *Please note that campers can only leave on Monday!

  • What navigation address should I use?

    Please use “Adrianahoeve, The Netherlands” as your navigation address. When in the surroundings, turn off your navigation and follow the camper signs.

  • Where are the Camper Paradise grounds located?

    Our Camper Paradise is a designated area, which is part of the Mysteryland campsite. Please use “Adrianahoeve, The Netherlands” as your navigation address.


  • Can I sleep outside of the camper?

    Sleeping is only allowed inside your camper. You are not allowed to sleep in a tent on your camper section.

  • Can I leave my engine running?

    No, engines need to be shut down at all times.

  • Am I allowed to drive in my camper during the festival?

    No, campers are not allowed to move from their assigned spot after placement.

  • Am I allowed to bring my sound system?

    No, sound systems are not allowed.

  • Can I bring chairs and a table?

    Yes, you are allowed to bring chairs and a table. Each camper spot covers about 60m2, so there should be enough space.

  • Are gas tanks allowed?

    Gas tanks/cylinders are not allowed, also in fixed installations. Open fires, camping stoves and BBQs are also not allowed.

  • Can I cook in my camper?

    No, due to safety regulations cooking is not allowed. We’ll make sure that there are enough food trucks available to fit any appetite.

  • Can I also bring a tent?

    No, the camper grounds are strictly for campers. However, a Party Tent is allowed!

  • Can I bring food?

    You’re allowed to bring your own food with you. On the campsite, you can also find a complete food truck plaza, a 24/7 food and beverage store, and mobile points selling coffee and fresh croissants in the mornings. A lot of deliciousness awaits us!

  • Can I bring alcohol?

    You may bring a total of 4,5L of liquid per person, among which a maximum of 1L can be pre-mixed alcohol in original and sealed packaging.
    For example, you could either bring 4,5L of soft drinks or you could bring 3,5L of soft drinks and 1L of pre-mixed alcohol
    – All liquid must be sealed and packed in its original packaging
    – Glass packaging is not allowed
    – Pre-mixed = For example, Bacardi Cola, Gin Tonic, in original and sealed packaging
    – Soft drinks = soda’s, beer, wine (under 15% alcohol)
    – Strong liquor (alcohol percentage over 15%) is not allowed


    – Regular tents are not allowed on the Camper Paradise section
    – Gas tanks/cylinders are not allowed, even in fixed installations
    – BBQ sets
    – Folding trailers and buses are not allowed
    – Caravans are not allowed
    – Cutlery and hard plates
    – Sound systems
    – Glass and breakable objects are strictly forbidden
    – Campfire

    Regular campsite rules apply. When in doubt, please check our general camping FAQ page or contact us through

  • What can I bring?

    – Party Tents (as long as it fits on your private section)
    – Decoration for your camper, turn it into a Party Animal mobile!
    – Lighting
    – Stickers
    – Inflatables
    – Chairs, daybeds, hammocks
    – Inflatable swimming pool
    – Flags (without poles)
    – Cooling boxes