Friendship Camping


Are you coming to Mysteryland with your dearest Party Animal friends and would you like to set up your tents next to each other? If you come to the campsite with 15 people or more, you can reserve your very own Friendszone! A Friendszone ensures a private space specially reserved for your group of friends. You can book your Friendzone in our online ticketshop for €20,- per person.

Please note that you need to have a minimum of 15 people to book a Friends zone.

Take your friendship camping to the next level
You can upgrade your Friendship camping experience by booking some of our extras.

All extras can be booked in our online ticketshop.

Camping packages


Don’t want to bring and set up your own tent and rather check in to one of our fully equipped camping accommodations? Our Camping Packages, such as Explorer, Amazon, Mystic, Group tent, Comfort lodge, or the deluxe Mysteryland Suite, are now available in our official ticketshop! All of them are furnished with beds or air mattresses and the more luxurious options come with outdoor seating, bed linen, and goodie bags.

With a camping ticket, you get access to all 3 festival days and are in for the exclusive campsite pre and afterparties. Just drop your luggage and off you go!

Find the full assortment on our Camping Package page:



The most dedicated party animals stay with us from Friday until Monday: on the Mysteryland camping grounds! Here, we fully break free from everyday pressure and social expectations and live the days and nights just as they come. The campsite is located right beside the festival terrain, fully equipped with everyday facilities and everything you need to quench your hunger and thirst. There’s a market street where you can pimp your festival outfit, style your hair or get a tattoo to eternalize the summer of a lifetime.

Pre & Afterparties


With a Camping ticket, you get access to our Campsite-exclusive pre & afterparties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday we kick off our magical weekend in style at our Official opening ceremony, with like-minded friends from all across the globe, at 14h sharp!

Campsite Facilities


Our camping grounds are equipped with a food court, 24h store, free showers, tapwater bar, hair salon, coffee bar, cocktail bar, styling salon, dress-up stand, yoga, massage, chill out areas, camping gear store, merchandise store, recycle store… and there is a lot more to discover. Our campsite is a magical village, ready to bring you the most beautiful and intense festival experience ever!

The Hangout


The Hangout is the central meeting point of our campsite, where Party Animals from over 100 nationalities come to Mix & Mingle, Chill & Refresh, Shop & Pimp their Party Animal outfit, and even get a tattoo! Here are some things you can do at The Hangout:

• Start the day refreshed with a morning yoga session
• Feel reborn after one of our energizing massages
• Eternalize your Mysteryland experience at our Tattoo Shop
• Pimp your haircut at the hairstyling salon
• Get your groove on at our Campsite stages
• Unleash your inner Party Animal at the dress-up store
• Sing along to your guilty pleasures at the karaoke bar
• Take a sip of summer at the Cocktail bar
• Shop-til-you-drop at our Market street