Bring your own tent

Bring your own tent

Make your own wilderness

Join us for an unforgettable weekend at the Mysteryland camping grounds from Friday to Monday.


Create a personal camping paradise with your own tent
Access to all camping faculties
Access to pre- and afterparties
Payment plans available with Klarna (NL)
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What to expect

Embark on a three-day journey at Mysteryland's vibrant camping grounds, from Friday's excitement to Monday's cherished memories.

Pack your tent and dive into curated camper experiences – pre-party gatherings, afterparty celebrations, poolside revelries, and wellness chill-outs with a film. Our sanctuary of freedom transcends time, fostering bonds that feel like family. The rhythm of life flows seamlessly from dawn to dusk, keeping the spirit alive well past the official close at 23.00.

Gather your crew and elevate the experience with a "Friends Field" – your private parcel where the party is always just beginning.

Here's to unlocking a new chapter together in the wilderness of existence, where mystery carves its path.

More accommodations

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  • Friends Field

    Friends Field

    From 10 to 30 people

  • Pre-setup accommodations

    Pre-setup accommodations

    Mysteryland has your back with our pre-setup camping accommodations! 

  • Comfort camping

    Comfort camping

    Maximize your festival experience and stay at our Comfort Campsite in one of our luxurious pre-setup accommodations with made beds and electricity.

  • Camper paradise

    Camper paradise

    Not a tent person? Bring a trusty four wheeled motorhome and create your own happy place.