Thank you for keeping your ticket(s)!

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Thank you for keeping your ticket(s)!

Dear loved one,

Thank you for keeping your ticket(s)! After a turbulent year filled with a mix of uncertainty and hope, your love and support mean the world to us! 

Keeping your ticket(s), contributes directly to the creation of the unforgettable festival adventure we’ll have together. It wouldn’t be the same without you and we are very grateful to see the worldwide support from you and other loved ones!

Your Mysteryland ticket(s) will automatically stay valid for next summer. No further action is required from your side at this moment. 

We cannot tell you how much we’re longing to finally unite in 2022 and finally see all your beautiful faces again! Mysteryland belongs to all of us and every single one of you contributes to the completeness of our journey! We will not let you down when we repay your favour and celebrate life to the fullest <3

See you in 2022