Thank you for keeping your ticket!

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Once a Party Animal, always a Party Animal!!

Dear Party Animal,

Thank you so much for your love and trust! We are beyond excited to hear that you will be joining us again in 2021...

By keeping your ticket, you contribute to our future and give us a sustainable foundation to create another unforgettable festival adventure. We are very grateful to feel the support of you and many others!

Your Mysteryland 2020 ticket will automatically stay valid for next summer. No further action is required from your side at this moment. 

We cannot tell you how much we seek to reunite with you in 2021. And, when we are back, we will party harder than ever before! Because Mysteryland belongs to all of us; and every single one of you, crazy Party Animals, contributes to the completeness of our journey!

Stay safe and see you in 2021!

Much Love,

Your Mysteryland team

Once a Party Animal, always a Party Animal!!