• Types and prices

    Tickets for Mysteryland 2019 are now on sale via our online ticketshop!

    Early Bird Tickets
    Early Bird Camping + Weekend Ticket [SOLD OUT]
    Early Bird Weekend Ticket [SOLD OUT]
    Early Bird Saturday Ticket [SOLD OUT]
    Early Bird Sunday Ticket [SOLD OUT]

    Regular Tickets
    Regular Camping + Weekend Ticket: €184,05 + €4,95 service fee *
    Regular Weekend Ticket: €114,55 + €4,95 service fee *
    Regular Saturday Ticket: €77,55 + €4,95 service fee *
    Regular Sunday Ticket: €62,55 + €4,95 service fee *

    Premium Tickets
    Premium Weekend Ticket: €284,05 + €4,95 service fee *
    Premium Saturday Ticket: €174,55 + €4,95 service fee *
    Premium Sunday Ticket: €154,55 + €4,95 service fee *

    *Excluding order fee.

    If you are looking for a more luxurious way to spend your time on our campsite, have a look at our camping packages on our camping page!

  • Payment Methods

    You can pay for your tickets using the following methods.

    Bankcontact/Mr. Cash, iDeal, Maestro, MasterCard, Paypal, Sofortuberweising, VISA

  • Where to buy

    Get your Tickets via our official online ticketshop, every Primera-shop or Festicket.

    Please be careful when purchasing tickets from any other source than our official online ticket shop, Primera or Festicket as we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets.

    Our official reselling partners are Ticketswap and Viagogo.

  • Camping tickets

    A Camping Ticket grants you access to our magical campsite from Friday, 11h until Monday, 12h. Festival entrance for Friday (camping guests only), Saturday and Sunday, as well as access to our camping exclusive after-party on Saturday, are included in all Camping Tickets!

    Camping Tickets are available in our online ticketshop.

    If you come to the campsite with 15 people or more you have the option to set up your tents together without extra costs! You can secure your spot by simply sending an email to

  • Camping packages

    Our Camping Packages give you the possibility to choose from different types of tents that we set up for you. Please check the Camping page for all kinds of accommodations. The only thing you need to do is drop off your luggage – and off you go!

    All camping packages are available in our ticketshop starting from Tuesday, January 29th 12h (CET).

  • Hotel packages

    We offer a range of selected Hotel Packages. You can put together your own package including hotel, festival tickets, lockers, and transfers to and from the festival site. Best service guaranteed!

    You can find all information about our Hotel Packages here. They will go on sale on Tuesday, January 29th 12h (CET).

  • Premium tickets

    Premium tickets are VIP tickets giving you access to the VIP areas on our biggest stages such as the Main stage and the Q-dance stage. A Premium ticket also grants you access to a private entrance and private toilets near the Main stage VIP area. Premium visitors receive an extensive goodie bag including vouchers for market parties and activities across the festival.

    Premium Tickets for Mysteryland 2019 are now available via our online ticketshop.

    Premium Tickets
    Premium Weekend Ticket: €284,05 + €4,95 service fee *
    Premium Saturday Ticket: €174,55 + €4,95 service fee *
    Premium Sunday Ticket: €154,55 + €4,95 service fee *

    *Excluding order fee.

  • Download your ticket (again) / Lost your ticket?

    Lost your ticket?

    No worries; if you purchased it via our online ticketshop, you can download it again via “I Lost my ticket(s)

    To receive your tickets again, you need to use the same email address as you have used for creating your order.

  • Can somebody else use my ticket?

    The tickets are not bound by the name mentioned on the ticket. Do note that a Weekend ticket can only be used by one person on both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Can’t come anymore?

    Can’t come to the festival anymore, but already purchased your ticket? Unfortunately, tickets are non-refundable. However, you can go and try to resell it yourself. Ticketswap and Viagogo are our official reselling partners.

    Please be careful when purchasing tickets from any other source than our official online ticket shop, Primera or Festicket as we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets.

  • How does a Weekend ticket work?

    A weekend ticket cannot be split up into 2 single day tickets. This means that the person using it on Saturday should be the same as the one using it on Sunday. The ticket is scanned on both days, and only valid in combination with a wristband.

    You can resell your Weekend ticket, but only as 1 ticket for the 2 festivaldays, not as separate tickets.

Festival info

  • Opening times

    Friday, August 23th: 14h – 02h (Camping guests only)
    Saturday, August 24th:
    11h – 23h
    Sunday, August 25th:
    12h – 23h

    Friday, August 23th 11h (check in until 22h)
    Monday, August 26th 12h

    Ins-and-outs are not allowed!

  • About us

    We are a colorful collaboration of party animals, artists, DJs and creatives. Together we are Mysteryland; the leading electronic music festival in The Netherlands. Year after year, we reunite to celebrate our friendship and love for music. In between sparkling ponds, rivers and forestry hills of the Floriade terrain near Amsterdam, we welcome more than 100.000 fellow festival friends from over 100 nationalities. 

    Musical diversity is deeply rooted in our DNA. More than 300 artists perform on our 17 stages, covering all genres within the spectrum of electronic music: from House, Big Room, Bass, Techno, Deep-House, Trance, Trap and Minimal to Hardstyle, Hardcore, RnB and Hip Hop. Our handcrafted stages range from outdoor dance floors to massive tents filled with LED screens, laser shows, and the world’s most advanced sound systems. On Saturday and Sunday night, we close Mysteryland with a bang during the renowned end-shows on our 3 biggest areas: The Main Stage, Q-dance stage, and our Big Top tent. Expect lots of fireworks, confetti and goosebumps! 

    Next to the dance floors, the various paths through forests and grassy fields will guide you to hidden chill out spaces, art installations, food courts and unexpected encounters with like-minded travelers. Our Healing Garden on the Southern festival terrain offers treatments for all spiritual seekers among us, from chi gung to cacao ceremonies, to massages, yoga and meditation sessions. On the central lake right on the foot of our gigantic pyramid, you can take a boat trip to absorb the soothing scenery from the waterside. To sum it up: forget time and let yourself flow through the tantalizing and open-minded energy that is present all over Mysteryland. 

    The most dedicated party animals stay with us from Friday until Monday: on the Mysteryland camping grounds! Here, we fully break free from everyday pressure and social expectations and live the days and nights just as they come. The campsite is fully equipped with everyday facilities and everything you need to quench your hunger and thirst. There’s a market street where you can pimp your festival outfit, style your hair or get a tattoo to eternalize the summer of a lifetime. On the camping plaza, morning yoga awaits the early birds and late night silent disco prolongs the nights for everyone that just can’t get enough.

     At Mysteryland, we have over 26 years of experience in organizing dance events. In fact, we are the longest running electronic music festival in the world. We have learned how to optimise event facilities and logistics. This is why customer service, visitor health and safety are key to us when it comes to festival production. All you have to do is enjoy the ride, we’ll take care of the rest…

    Come and embark with us on the journey of a lifetime!

  • Location

    The world of Mysteryland is rooted between the beautiful fields, forests and lakes of the Floriade Terrain in Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands. Haarlemmermeer is located just 25km South-West of Amsterdam and 5km from International Airport Schiphol.

  • Age

    Mysteryland is a festival for adults (18+). Although we’d love to have each and every one of you, we can’t make any exceptions, not even if your birthday is the day after the festival. If your 18th birthday happens to be on the day of the festival, you’re more than welcome to celebrate this special day with us.

  • ID

    Everyone attending Mysteryland will be asked to show a valid (and original government-issued photo) ID at the entrance, which means: an ID-card, passport, or driver’s license. We do not accept photocopies or birth certificates.

  • Line up

    The full line up has been revealed! Check out for more info.

  • Dress Code

    Who is your spirit animal? A unicorn, a holy goat? We encourage you to unleash all the wild spirits within and reincarnate as another version of yourself at Mysteryland. Experiment with the colourful and the kinky, the wet and the wild; add a strip of latex or lace, some feathers or leather. On our Camping Grounds, there will be a special boutique where you can pimp your outfits. You can bring your own party animal outfit or spice up your look with fresh finds from our hippie market. Whatever you hide inside, a unicorn or a sparkle pony, nothing is too wild. The only limitation is your imagination. We have but one rule* when it comes to the dress code for our festival grounds: don’t come as you are, come as who you’d like to be.

    *To keep things friendly you will need to leave your combat boots, (football)team jerseys and bikerclub wear at home

  • Food and drinks

    Wood-oven pizzas, on-the-spot grilled burgers, Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, German and Dutch cuisine, midnight snacks, healthy wraps, sweet crepes, English breakfast, French toast, ice cream, cocktails, smoothies, gluten free, low carb, vegan, or lactose-free… We have it all. Our 70 food trucks and open-air kitchens serve fresh, honest and delicious dishes from all the corners of the world. If you need any info, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

    Bringing your own food and drinks to the festival is not allowed, and not necessary either.

    Are you staying at our campsite? Please read the “Camping” section for more info on what you’re allowed to bring to the campsite.

  • Payment method

    At Mysteryland you pay for drinks and food with tokens. You can purchase these tokens at the different cashier points using cash, a debitcard (Maestro) or a creditcard (Visa / Mastercard).

  • Free water bars

    Water belongs to all of us. This is why we have water bars on both the campsite and the festival grounds. Using one of our super handy water bags, you can get refreshed as often as you want, and for free.

  • Merchandise

    At different stands located around the festival, it’s possible to pimp your outfit with limited edition Mysteryland merchandise. You can pay using cash, a credit, or a debit card.

  • Lockers

    We have lockers near all entrances where you can store your belongings. The lockers are big enough to share; they each fit around 3 coats.

    Lockers will be available in our online ticketshop.

  • Earplugs

    You can purchase earplugs at the clearly signed earplug stands, check the floorplan for their exact location.

  • Tobacco

    There are several cigarette stands on site. You can find their precise locations on the floorplan. Be aware that you are required to show your ID when buying tobacco as this is stated by the Dutch law. Both cash and debitcard are accepted as payment method.

    Please note that it’s strictly prohibited to smoke inside tents or under a canopy

  • Lost & Found

    For items that you lost during the festival, you can walk by our Lost & Found, located at the Info stand. After the event, please send us an email to with a description of your lost item, when and where you’ve lost it and if possible a picture.


  • Campers

    For the first time in the history of our festival, you can bring your own camper to the Mysteryland campsite! This is your opportunity to truly make Mysteryland your home away from home by bringing along your own bedroom…

    What you get with a Camper Voucher:
    – 60m2 of private space on the Mysteryland campsite for your camper
    – Your camper can host up to 6 people
    – A power connection so you can make use of electronics and features of your camper

    Starting from now you are able to purchase a Camper Voucher in our ticketshop!

    Find all information here: Camper Paradise

  • Opening times campsite

    The doors of our campsite open on Friday, August 23th at 11h and close on Monday, August 26th at 12h.

    On Friday, you can check in until 22h. If you can’t make it on Friday, you’re also welcome to check in on Saturday, August 24th (from 09h until 18h).

  • Pre- & After-party line up

    Our camping line up has been announced! Check out: for more info.

  • Camping packages

    We offer pre-set, fully equipped tents for everyone who does not want to bring their own tent. All camping packages are located on our camping grounds, right next to the festival terrain. Camping package prices include festival tickets, as well as access to our camping-exclusive pre- and after-parties. All options come furnished with beds or air mattresses and the more luxurious options come with outdoor seating, a Premium festival upgrade, and goodie bags. Please note that for most camping packages you will be asked to pay a deposit at arrival. The deposit will be refunded upon departure.

    Check our camping page for our full selection of camping packages! All packages are available starting from January 29th at 12h (CET) sharp. Limited amount available.

  • Camping for large groups

    Are you coming to Mysteryland with your dearest Party Animal friends and would you like to set up your tents next to each other? We have a special offer this year:

    If you come to the campsite with 15 people or more, we will ensure that you can actually set up your tents together without extra costs! You can secure your spot by simply sending an email to

    We will make sure to arrange a space on the campsite for you and your friends!

  • Ins & Outs

    You are only allowed to travel between the campsite and the festival. Ins & outs to the parking lot or Amsterdam are not allowed.

    During check in times, you’re allowed to walk between your car and the campsite to collect your luggage in multiple times.

  • Activities and services

    There’s no way you can try them all but here’s what our campsite has to offer:

    Food court, 24h store, free showers, tapwater bar, hair salon, coffee bar, cocktail bar, styling saloon, dress up stand, yoga, massage, chill out areas, camping gear store, merchandise store, recycle store… and there is a lot more to discover. Keep an eye on our social channels to find out more about our camping madness!

  • Alcohol

    You may bring a total of 4,5L of liquid, among which a maximum of 1L can be pre-mixed alcohol in original and sealed packaging*.
    For example, you could either bring 4,5L of soft drinks*, or you could bring 3,5L of soft drinks and 1L of pre-mixed alcohol
    – All liquid must be sealed and packed in its original packaging
    – Glass packaging is not allowed
    – Pre-mixed = For example, Bacardi Cola, Gin Tonic, in original and sealed packaging
    – Soft drinks = soda’s, beer, wine (under 15% alcohol)
    – Strong liquor (alcohol percentage over 15%) is not allowed

  • Getting there by public transport

    Are you travelling by public transport? At Hoofddorp train station, you can take a shuttle bus service to the camping grounds. The buses start driving 30 minutes before opening on all days, and will go back and forth the whole day.

    On Saturday, shuttle buses to the campsite will drive between 10h30 until 17h. On Sunday night, shuttle buses to Hoofddorp station will start driving around 21h until midnight.

    Please note that you will need a camping shuttle bus ticket, as festival shuttle bus tickets and regular public transport will not get you in walking distance of the campsite!

    You can get your Camping shuttle bus tickets in our online ticketshop!

  • Getting there by car

    Are you travelling to the campsite by car? Please use IJweg, Haarlemmermeer as your destination. Once nearby, follow the signs “Camping” and the instructions of our traffic controllers.

    Please be aware that travel times from the parking site on your way home may take up to 2 hours.

  • Getting there by taxi

    If you travel by taxi to the campsite, please let your driver use “IJweg, Haarlemmermeer” as destination. Once near the terrain, please let your driver follow the “Taxi Camping” signs.

  • From the airport – Schiphol

    Our home in Haarlemmermeer is very close to both international airport Schiphol and Dutch capital Amsterdam, making it very easily reachable by public transport. From Schiphol, travel to Hoofddorp station by train (4 min ride). From there, you can take the shuttle bus to either the camping or festival grounds. You can purchase your shuttle bus ticket in our online ticketshop once the ticket sales have started.

  • Lockers on the campsite

    There are lockers available on both the festival grounds and campsite. However, we advise you to leave your most valuable items at home or have them with you at all times.

    It’s possible to purchase a locker in our online ticketshop, once the tickets go on sale.

    You can find the lockers near the entrance of the camping.

  • Food

    You’re allowed to bring your own food with you, but on the campsite you can find a complete food truck plaza, a 24/7 store, and mobile points selling coffee, English breakfast and fresh croissants right next to your tents. A lot of deliciousness awaits us!

  • Showers

    There are showers on our campsite, and you can make use of them for free all day long, as well as at night.

    Keep in mind that there might be a line during the busy morning hours.

  • Tents

    With a camping ticket you may bring your own tent with you, but you can also buy a tent in our merchandise or recycle store on the camping grounds.

    For the Glampers amongst us; we’ll be selling a very limited amount of camping packages, including fully equipped tents. All Camping packages will go on sale on February 27th.

    We all sleep in tents at Mysteryland, you’re not allowed to bring your caravans or campervans to the camping grounds.

  • Electricity

    Back to basics, camping as if it was meant to be: there’s no electricity available near your tent. That’s why we ask you to leave your computers and big sound sets at home. At the showers, there are sockets available for hair straighteners, blowdryers and shavers.

  • Charging your phone

    You can purchase a portable charger near the lockers.

  • Other fluids

    You’re allowed to bring 1 deodorant spray or perfume per person with you, but not if it’s in glass packaging.

    Flammable fluids aren’t allowed at the campsite.

  • Cooking on the campsite

    Open fires, camping stoves and BBQs are not allowed. We’ll make sure that there are enough food trucks available to fit any appetite.

  • Large items

    To make your camping journey as comfortable as possible, you’re very invited to bring along – next to your tents – foldable chairs, pillows, blankets, inflatables, as well as cool-boxes.

    Please note that the camping entrance gates are 90cm wide, so you can’t bring carts wider than that.

    You’re also allowed to bring a small, foldable umbrella, as long as it doesn’t have a pointy top. Selfie sticks are also allowed as long as they’re foldable and no longer than 1 meter.

  • Sound systems

    We try to keep our festival neighbours happy, this is why high volumes and block parties aren’t allowed on our campsite. But, of course, you may bring small battery powered speakers with a maximal volume of 80 dB(A).

  • Disabled accessibility

    Our campsite is a pristine piece of grassy land. Therefore, we discourage disabled festival goers to stay on the campsite. Don’t worry; there are more than enough nice hotels and bungalows near our festival terrain to host your own slumber party while partying with us on Saturday and Sunday!

How to get there

  • Shuttle buses – Hoofddorp station

    On Saturday and Sunday, there will be a non-stop shuttle bus service to the festival grounds and back, departing from Hoofddorp station.

    You need a separate shuttle bus ticket on both days.

    The buses to both the camping grounds and the festival terrain start driving half an hour before the opening (10h30 on Friday, 10h30 on Saturday, 11h30 on Sunday). The last buses take off when all the visitors have left the festival terrain.

    You can get your Shuttle bus tickets in our online ticketshop!

  • Touring cars

    Joining us from another city and looking for a comfortable way to get to Haarlemmermeer? Get yourself a spot on a touring car!

    We work together with several organizations that offer bus services with pick-up locations throughout the Netherlands. Head over to (SA / SU / CAMPING) or to find a pick up point near your home.

    Organizing your own bus trip?
    In case you’re organizing a touring car yourself, make sure to register in order to reserve a dedicated parking spot right near the festival entrance.
    You can register your bus at
    Within 3 days before the event, all information will be sent to you via e-mail.

  • Train

    An easy way to reach the festival is by train to Hoofddorp station.

    Plan your train trip in advance via, or use their app.

  • Bike (or scooter)

    Staying or living nearby? In that case, cycling is most certainly the best and quickest option. Follow the cycling traffic instructions to the festival (please use Stelling, Vijfhuizen as your destination), and park your bicycle in the designated areas at the entrance Noord (Stelling, Vijfhuizen). Bikes parked in the Haarlemmermeerse Bos, near entrance Zuid will be removed.

    Live too far away to come by bike? From Hoofddorp Station you can borrow an OV-bike which you can rent for only €3,35. Once the night is over, and you’re on your way back from the festival – just simply return it at the station. Super convenient, but make sure you are on time; there’s only a limited number of bikes available!

  • Car & Parking

    Our parking places are located around the festival terrain. Use Stelling, Vijfhuizen  as GPS address. Once nearby, simply follow the ‘Parking’ signs to the festival grounds.

    We don’t recommend you to come by car, as departure times after the festival can take up to 2 hours!

  • Kiss & Ride

    If somebody is bringing you to the festival, please use Stelling, Vijfhuizen as your GPS destination, and follow the signs to ‘Kiss & Ride’.

    After the festival, follow the Noord exit to reach the ‘Kiss & Ride’ designated pick-up area.

  • From the airport – Schiphol

    Our home in Haarlemmermeer is very close to both international airport Schiphol and Dutch capital Amsterdam, making it very easily reachable by public transport. From Schiphol, travel to Hoofddorp station by train (4 min ride). From there, you can take the shuttle bus to either the camping or festival grounds. You can purchase your shuttle bus ticket in our online ticketshop once the ticket sales have started.

  • Taxi

    We don’t recommend you to come to Mysteryland by taxi. As a limited amount of taxis are available, prices tend to be very high and it’s hard to get one.

    If you come by taxi, please let your driver use “Spieringweg, Hoofddorp” as an indication for the destination and follow the “Taxi”-signs towards the festival.

Green festival soul

  • Green festival

    Mysteryland is one of the most sustainable festivals in the world with a number of awards and certificates under our belt:

    • EE Music Award for the highest reduction in energy consumption of all European festivals (2015)
    • Industry Green Certification ** (2012)
    • Industry Green Certification * (2013 & 2014)
    • A Greener Festival Award (2014)

    And that’s not for nothing… We separate all the waste and recycle all the plastic at the festival, serve free water to our visitors, the meat we serve is organic, and we follow the ‘leave no trace principle’ on our festival grounds.

  • Water program

    Our delicious Dutch tap water belongs to all of us and therefore we are very happy to offer it to all of our Wanderers, for free. At Mysteryland, you will find the water bars everywhere and you can fill your cup or bottle up for free. At the water bars, you can also purchase our famous limited edition water bags.

    Our water is not only very tasty but this way we also save a lot of plastic. Cheers!

  • 10,000 HOURS

    Together with the non-profit organisation of 10,000 HOURS, we invite our visitors to the annual Mysteryland volunteer days. Since 2010, more than 30,000 hours of voluntary work have been donated and that total continues to grow. Together with other festivals, DJ’s and volunteers, the foundation supports different voluntary projects aimed at the most vulnerable people in our society. For more information, visit

    By joining forces and working with the Foundation 10,000 HOURS, we want to encourage dance lovers to do more volunteer work within our community.

    Because together we can make a difference!

  • Save energy

    We operate with a strict energy policy at Mysteryland. All crew members, suppliers and technicians operate on an energy saving level, to make sure we build and run Mysteryland as efficiently as possible.

  • Never Give Up On Your Cup

    This summer, we’re innovating waste management on our festival terrain! Together with our friends from Coca-Cola, Heineken and Beelen Event Services, we’re introducing a new system enabling us to improve our waste separation. Brand new recycle bins, pro-active education of our crew and guests as well new recycling technologies will enable us to recycle 50% of all our plastic in order to create new plastic cups from the old ones.

    Want to participate? Register now for our Green Team via:

  • Leave no trace

    We feel honoured to have the opportunity to return to the lush and green surroundings of Haarlemmermeer year after year. This is why we leave no trace on our festival grounds, meaning that we collect every single cup and cigarette bud after the festival, leaving the terrain almost untouched.

Health and safety

  • First aid

    At the festival, our heroes at the first aid are there to help you at any time of the day (and night). Are you not feeling well? Then head over there. Don’t worry, they won’t call your mother if you have been misbehaving, and they certainly won’t tell the police. Their biggest concern is that you are doing well, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

  • Zero tolerance

    All festivals in the Netherlands operate under a Zero tolerance policy. This means that no soft- and hard drugs are allowed at Mysteryland.

  • Bring your medication

    Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.

  • What you can bring

    You’re allowed to bring inflatable animals, dress suits, empty camel bags, personal cameras, condoms, go-pros, selfie sticks (when folded), cigarettes, roll-on deodorant (no spray cans!), foldable umbrellas, and chargers.

    Not sure whether you can bring a particular item? Ask us via or Facebook.

  • What you can’t bring

    Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance (including luggage). Do you have something with you that is on our ‘blacklist’? Then we’ll throw it away. Pay attention! In some cases, access to the site of the festival may be denied.

    You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids. Bringing your own food and drinks is only allowed on the Camping grounds (and not on the festival site).

    When in doubt, contact us via or Facebook.

    Due to the safety of the animals on the terrain, you’re not allowed to bring nitrous oxide.

  • Breast pump station

    Bring your breast pump to our First aid stand for a private place to pump.

  • Celebrate safe

    Party consciously and safe dear Friends! Like last years, our Celebrate Safe stand is present at our festival. Head over there if you have any questions or need support. They’re here to give open advice and support whenever needed. You’ll find the exact location on the floorplans, which will be handed out at the festival, as well as in our festival app.


Disabled access

  • Entrance

    Mysteryland festival is accessible to everyone. Are you unable to enter via the regular entrance or do you need special equipment? We have taken a number of measures and facilities. Assistance? Please don’t hesitate to ask the staff at Mysteryland for assistance!

  • Transport

    Do you need a handicap parking spot or want to be dropped off closer than the Kiss & Ride? Ask one of our supportive traffic controllers.

    Our shuttle buses are easily accessible for our disabled visitors.

    Questions? Mail us at

  • Disabled toilets

    At every toilet area, there are disabled toilet facilities. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you need assistance.