Camping Do’s & Don’ts


– Keep your valuables with you at all times.

– Be kind and show respect to everyone. We’re an open-minded festival.

– Listen to your neighbour if he happens to ask you to lower the volume. There’s enough space to chill and party in The Hangout.

– Please clean up your trash and take everything with you when checking out. If you want to leave camping gear behind, thanks for dropping it off at our Recycle store.

– Think for yourself, care about others. Does someone feel unwell? Thanks for accompanying him/her to the first aid. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your mum!

– If you experience or witness an unpleasant situation, please immediately report it to our Info stand staff or security nearby.


– In’s and outs are not allowed, so once you’re in, you’re in.

– Sleeping in your car at the parking lot is not permitted.

– Leave your football or discriminatory clothing or flags at home. Country flags are allowed.

– Mysteryland is a no-flight zone, so drones are not permitted at Mysteryland