Dress Code

Who is your spirit animal? A unicorn, a holy goat? We encourage you to unleash all the wild spirits within and reincarnate as another version of yourself at Mysteryland. Experiment with the colourful and the kinky, the wet and the wild; add a strip of latex or lace, some feathers or leather. On our Camping Grounds, there will be a special boutique where you can pimp your outfits. You can bring your own party animal outfit or spice up your look with fresh finds from our hippie market. Whatever you hide inside, a unicorn or a sparkle pony, nothing is too wild. The only limitation is your imagination. We have but one rule* when it comes to the dress code for our festival grounds: don’t come as you are, come as who you’d like to be.

*To keep things friendly you will need to leave your combat boots, (football)team jerseys and bikerclub wear at home