Healing Garden Saturday August 24th

Soundhealing by Vir & Nana Zoë

The sounds which are created during this workshop form a trance-like composition in which the generated vibrations harmonize the energy field of your body, your organs, and your cells. It feels like everything is moving again, the flow is coming back and blockages are released. During the workshop, a field is set up in which your body learns to resonate again with its own unique vibration. See this session as a journey through different parts of yourself after which you can relax deeper and return to who you really are. During this workshop, acoustic instruments such as singing bowls, gong drum, sansula, ocean drum, Koshi’s, flute, shrutibox, and rattles are used in combination with healing vocals. Nana Zoë and Vir attune themselves to the participants through body awareness, mindful awareness, and emphatic resonance.