15 February 2022

Our hosting partners for 2022!

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Our hosting partners for 2022!

YES! We can finally present to you our hosting partners for 2022. Join us for 3 days full of magic from the 26th until the 28th of August 2022!

We're very proud to present to you our wide representation of different music styles at Mysteryland this year: ranging from Hardstyle, Techno, R&B, House, EDM, Hardcore, Latin, Hip-Hop, Pop, Trance and Disco; the coming Mysteryland line up promises to be more diverse than ever before!


Mainstage - Q-dance - Vunzige Deuntjes

Cocoon - Thunderdome - Sexy By Nature

Sluwe Vos - Adonis - Lovelee - Mama Africa


Mainstage - Q-dance - Vunzige Deuntjes

Awesome Soundwave - Thunderdome - Heldeep

Trance Energy - Fiesta Macumba - Adonis - Wasserette


Camping Mainstage - Q-dance presents Get Wack!

Moreira’s Mansion - Flow 

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Our hosting partners for 2022!