Never give up on your cup!


This summer, we’re innovating waste management on our festival terrain! Together with our friends from Coca-Cola, Heineken and Beelen Event Services, we’re introducing a new system enabling us to improve our waste separation. Brand new recycle bins, pro-active education of our crew and guests as well new recycling technologies will enable us to recycle 50% of all our plastic in order to create new plastic cups from the old ones.

Leave no Trace

We feel honoured to have the opportunity to return to the lush and green surroundings of Haarlemmermeer year after year. This is why we leave no trace on our festival grounds, meaning that we collect every single cup and cigarette bud after the festival, leaving the terrain almost untouched.

Green festival soul

Mysteryland is one of the most sustainable festivals in the world with a number of awards and certificates under our belt:

  • EE Music Award for the highest reduction in energy consumption of all European festivals (2015)
  • Industry Green Certification ** (2012)
  • Industry Green Certification * (2013 & 2014)
  • A Greener Festival Award (2014 & 2017)
  • Participation in Green Deal Waste Free Festivals (2016 and onwards)

Save Energy

We operate with a strict energy policy at Mysteryland. All crew members, suppliers and technicians operate on an energy saving level, to make sure we build and run Mysteryland as efficiently as possible.

Volunteer day

This year, we’ve reunited with 10,000 HOURS once again to organize another volunteer day. On May 15th, we’ve made improvements to the farm (Zorgmanege Stal Starro) and created a colourful festival surrounding in order to bring their participants a true festival experience.

Free water

Our delicious Dutch tap water belongs to all of us and therefore we are very happy to offer it to all of our Party Animals, for free. At Mysteryland, you will find the water bars everywhere and you can fill your cup or bottle up for free. At the water bars, you can also purchase our famous limited edition water bags.

Our water is not only very tasty, but this way we also save a lot of plastic. Cheers!

Recycle store

Located right in the middle of our camping grounds, you can find our Recycle store. Here, we rent out items that we’ve collected at other festival camping grounds. You can rent used tents, air mattresses or other camping gear. This means no hassle of carrying a lot of heavy camping gear; and after the festival, you can just bring it back to the store!

Camping Guardians

The camping guardians help to keep an eye on things, keeping our campsite green and tidy. During the weekend, you can collect a trash bag from them and if you need help on Monday morning, they’ll be happy to help you pack up your tent! This way we’ll keep the camping grounds clean.