Join us for 3 days full of magic from the 26th till the 28th of August 2022! We will be back and better than ever, with 300+ artists, 22 stage hosts, an enormous campsite and numerous creative experiences in our Kingdom of the Weird Party Animals.

Experience Mysteryland

The mother stage and centrepiece of Mysteryland is our Main Stage. Under her wings, we celebrate life to the fullest, together with thousands of visitors from over 100 nationalities. She's the largest of all stages, and her line up is known to be packed with some of the biggest names of the electronic dance music scene. The icing on the cake is her breath-taking end shows on Saturday and Sunday night, accompanied by lasers, fireworks, and - a lot of goosebumps!  
Our most dedicated visitors stay with us from Friday until Monday: on the Mysteryland camping grounds! Here, we fully break free from everyday pressure and social expectations and live the days and nights just as they come. The campsite is located right beside the festival terrain, fully equipped with facilities and everything you need to quench your hunger and thirst. There's a market street where you can pimp your festival outfit or style your hair to enjoy the summer of a lifetime.
About us
We are a colourful collaboration of visitors, artists, DJs and creatives. Together we are Mysteryland; the leading electronic music festival in The Netherlands. Year after year, we reunite to celebrate our friendship and love for music. In between sparkling ponds, rivers, and forestry hills of the Floriade terrain near Amsterdam, we welcome more than 100.000 fellow festival friends from over 100 nationalities.
Our Location
The world of Mysteryland is rooted between the beautiful fields, woods, and lakes of the Floriade Terrain in Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands. Haarlemmermeer is located just 25km South-West of Amsterdam and 5km from International Airport Schiphol.
Party Green
We feel honoured to have the opportunity to return to the lush and green surroundings of Haarlemmermeer year after year. To leave the terrain almost untouched, we collect every single cup and cigarette bud after the festival, so there's no trace left behind.