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For the second year in a row, we’re teaming up with Holland Casino to bring you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Our 400-meter long zipline stretches from the crown of our pyramid all the way across the green islands of our Northern festival terrain. If you can’t resist to take this crazy ride, make sure to get there early. You’ll find the check-in point on the top of our pyramid.

Top 10 Crazy Things To Do At Mysteryland 2019!

1. Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, by taking a ride from our 400m long Holland Casino Zipline!
2. Unite in front of our Main stage, Q-dance stage and Big Top on Saturday and Sunday night, when they will be closed in style with magical endshows.

3. Unleash your true Party Animal by dressing up in your most unique and eccentric party outfits on Friday night, our big dress up night!

4. Head over to our Healing Garden for massages, yoga, cacao ceremonies as well as sound healing sessions.

5. Get lost in non-stop madness at our camping stage, the Zoo… bigger and crazier than ever before!
6. Kick off your weekend during our opening ceremony in the Zoo on Friday, August 23rd at 14h sharp!
7. Eternalise your most precious Mysteryland moments by getting a tattoo on our campsite!

8. Find our hidden mini-rave, Club Hutje Mutje, tucked away between the trees and fields of our festival world.

9. Feel reborn after a visit to our brand new wellness space: Bubbly Wellness & Sparkling Party!

10. Enjoy a special side dish on our Southern Food court. Here, your lunch and dinner will be accompanied by pure madness!

Premium tickets

If you want to upgrade your Mysteryland experience this summer, treat yourself with the Premium experience! A Premium Ticket grants you an exclusive entrance port, access to the VIP decks at the Main and Q-dance stages including Premium-only toilets & fresh-up points as well as phone charger.

Plus, these precious tickets come with a lot of other extras that will make you feel like the Kings and Queens of our Festival Kingdom; such as an exclusive Mysteryland goodie bag, that spoils you with sweet treats like a free massage, a limited edition ML goodie, drinks and snacks, fun dress-up gadgets and a 25% discount voucher for our Merchandise stands!

Saturday Premium tickets have sold out, but there are still some Premium Sunday and Premium Weekend Tickets available! You can grab them in our official ticketshop via:

Campers welcome!

We’re excited to announce that this summer, campers are very welcome at Mysteryland! Do you have a camper yourself, or does your grandpa happen to have an old one in the back of his garage? Get it out there, pimp it and take it to Mysteryland. A dedicated camper section will be reserved for all campers. Every camper spot has a surface of 60m2 and is equipped with electricity. Find all information on our camper page.

Just park your camper and of you go, Party Animals!

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